The Mairehau Way


Mairehau High School has a focus on enhancing the well-being needed for students to become successful learners.

Mairehau High School's philosophy sees learning and well-being as two fundamental components that need to be in harmony for students to become engaged with learning and to achieve their full potential.


Mission Statement

For all students to value themselves and others; to know they can excel, and to reach their full potential.

We are a Restorative School.


"The essence of restorative practices is disarmingly simple: that human beings are happier, more productive and more likely to make positive changes in their behaviour when those in positions of authority do things with them, rather than to them or for them."

"Increasingly parents, caregivers and community groups are seeking out support and direction around managing the young people in their care. Building, enhancing and restoring relationships across any workplace, community group, school or culture, is absolutely essential for a strongly connected, empathetic, functioning society."

Kia mau koe ki nga kupu o ou tupuna

Hold fast to the words of your ancestors


  • Always be the best you can
  • Complete all tasks given to a high standard
  • Come out of your comfort zone to ask for help
  • Strive each day to reach your full potential

  • Complete all tasks within a given timeframe
  • Set and reach your goals
  • Attend and be punctual to all classes
  • Be prepared for every lesson

  • Show tolerance and acceptance of others
  • Take ownership of all your actions
  • Demonstrate fairness
  • Care and support others


  • By accepting others needs
  • Have respect for yourself, the environment and others
  • Being honest at all times
  • Understanding others needs

The Waka System


Like a waka travelling from destination to destination, we are all travelling together on a journey of strong learning.

We need to all work together to excel and reach our absolute potential as individuals; which makes our waka strong.

With out the structural support of all four sides of the waka, the waka can not continue to move forward in one direction of strength.

Each student belongs to a waka group and each waka group is represented by the parts that make up the waka. A colour and a native animal is also associated with each group


Tau ihu


Waka ama

FalconWaka katea

MauiTau rapa


He waka eke noa

A canoe which we are all in with no exception

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