Guidance Network


Mairehau High School is proud of its efforts to help individual students. The guidance network exists to help students function and develop to the best of their abilities. The network aims to:

  • Provide a well ordered environment in which self discipline and self respect can grow:
  • Encourage concern for others; tolerance, open-mindedness, honesty and willingness to assist other people;
  • Prepare students to be informed, thinking and participating members of their present and future communities.

All staff are involved in helping guide students towards the development of their full potential. The following are specialised roles and areas in the guidance network.

Form classes

Students are organised into level classes. Form classes are an integral part of our pastoral care network and they provide regular opportunities for interaction between the students and their form teacher.


Each year level has a Dean who moves on each year with the students. The Dean is responsible for the administration of class placements and for the general pastoral care of the students.
The role of the Dean is vital to the functioning of the school, they check progress and behaviour, and contact parents/caregivers if there is any cause for concern. Parents are encouraged to contact Deans if they have concerns about the progress or welfare of their son or daughter.

Find out more or contact Deans here

Guidance Counsellor

Charlie Lake

Guidance Counsellor

Charlie Lake is a trained specialist who provide a confidential counselling service for students. He is also the contact point for outside agencies and institutions such as Child Youth and Family Service and Special Education.

Student Support Manager

Sue Purvis

Student Support Manager

Our Student Support Manager is Sue Purvis. She is responsible for the daily support for all students at Mairehau High School. This includes monitoring attendance, uniform, overseeing the duty office and referral room and being there to support students with any issues that arise. Mairehau High School is a restorative school and Sue is our principal Restorative Justice facilitator.

The Student Support Manager works closely with the Guidance Counsellor, Deans, Senior Lead Team and all staff at Mairehau High.

Health Clinic

Sue Brown is a Nurse from the School Health Service who comes into the school weekly for students to see about any health concerns. Similarly, Sandy Hamilton, from F.P.A is also available each week for students.

Youth Pastor

Amber Tucker is also available weekly for students to talk to and a number of students take part in the outside school activities she organises.

24-7 YouthWork

24-7 YouthWork is a trust relationship between a local school and a local church in the context of the local community working together.

They want to see young people enjoy their high school years and build a great foundation to launch themselves into adult life. They want to see a good strong healthy next generation of New Zealanders coming through.

24-7 YouthWork is a not for profit charitable trust.

Amber Tucker Oversees their work at Mairehau High School.
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