Mairehau High School is a school with a focus on achievement, success, excellence and quality. We have a caring and nurturing environment with outstanding staff.

We believe in self and mutual respect and always doing one's best.

This is a school which works with parents to meet the learning and pastoral needs of every student.

Our students are our priority.

Orientation Programme


The transition from primary to secondary school can be a stressful time for students. Prior to the new school year our Guidance Counsellor and the Year 9 Dean visit contributing schools to meet with the teachers of all those Year 8 students enrolled at Mairehau High.

This is a valuable exercise as the information passed on from the Primary School allows us to know each students’ strength, weaknesses, medical history or anything pertaining to their academic needs.

Mairehau High School has many positive initiatives in place to ease the transition for students.

Our programmes are designed to help students feel cared for, physically and emotionally safe and a valued member of our School Community.

We value diversity and actively promote acceptance of all students regardless of their ethnicity, ability, or gender.

Peer Support

Senior students are an important part of our overall student support. The seniors volunteer to become a Peer Support Person and spend time being trained by our Guidance Counsellor and staff as to how best to support our new students.

As well as a specific "Peer Support" programme at the start of year 9, our senior students actively and willingly support junior students throughout their first year.

Blue Skies

An activity day at Blue Skies is used to help new students understand our values, become part of our school, bond as a group, develop confidence and form friendships. This is a fun day for all Year 9 students and their form teachers to get to know each other in an informal setting. Peer Support students assist with this day and all the activities that are being held.

First day

This is an Orientation Day. Students arrive at school at 8.45am. A powhiri is held to welcome all new students and staff to Mairehau High School.

After the powhiri, we share some kai and then students are asked to assemble and are introduced to their form teachers and allocated their form class.

The remainder of the day is spent walking around the school getting to know where all classes are and to meet key people.

Photographs are taken for our school records. This day is a relaxing, get to know each other day with no pressure or stress on anyone.

Mission Statement

For all students to value themselves and others; to know they can excel, and to reach their full potential.

Year 9 Orientation


Year 10 Camp

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